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“Switching to OptiMED Billing Solutions was one of the best business decisions we’ve made. I’ve experienced first-hand how difficult it has been with other billing companies to integrate and streamline the process, but OptiMED handled everything without a hitch. Since partnering with OptiMED, we’ve realized a 25% gain in revenues which exceeded our expectations. They’ve handled our practice with the utmost care—always competent, professional, and courteous. We can focus on patient care, and trust OptiMED to consistently handle the business side of the practice. Thanks, OptiMED!”
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Lee S. Mitchel, M.D.

OptiMED Billing Solutions, Inc.
Offices located in Sarasota, Florida
and Boston, Massachusetts

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About OptiMED Billing Solutions, Inc.

OptiMED Billing Solutions, Inc. was established with a focused philosophy: employ a team of highly skilled, dedicated certified billing specialists that provide accurate, reliable, HIPAA-compliant billing solutions utilizing the latest technology.

OptiMED focuses on providing a level of service that exceeds expectations by focusing on four major services. OptiMED builds strong client relationships through personalized service. OptiMED customizes services based on the need of the individual practice.  OptiMED stays ahead of changes in the healthcare industry so their clients focus on patient care.  OptiMED capitalizes on the latest developments in technology allowing their clients a seamless integration of real-time access to data and reports.

OptiMED Billing Solutions, Inc. is positioned to maximize your practice’s profitability through timely, strategic, and concise practice management.  

How do we provide a level of service that exceeds performance standards?

First, we focus on teamwork, communication, and personal attention. Each client is fully supported by a dedicated reimbursement specialist.

Next, we maximize your reimbursements.  Our three-step claims editing process streamlines clean claims submission with 99.5% accuracy:
  1. Certified Professional Coders (CPC) review all claims prior to submission.
  2. AdvancedMD’s claims inspector scrubs all claims for potential rejection errors.
  3. Finally, all claims are transmitted electronically through McKesson’s Transaction Solution Hub clearinghouse and inspected again for potential rejection errors.

Personalized attention, clean claims, and industry and HIPAA compliance are our priority.

To maintain these high standards, we staff AAPC Certified Professional Coders, attend continued education classes and seminars, and network with other professionals.

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