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“For 23 years I was fortunate enough to have Beverly of OptiMED Solutions as my personal biller while she worked for another large billing agency. She knows the billing process inside and out. She is persistent and pursues all problems to completion. I unequivocally recommend OptiMED, and only wish Beverly could have worked in my office.” read more like this...

Stephen J. Poor III, M.D.

OptiMED Billing Solutions, Inc.
Offices located in Sarasota, Florida
and Boston, Massachusetts

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Why Choose OptiMED Billing Solutions, Inc.

Why outsource your billing and management?
Most physicians and practices outsource billing and management to improve profitability and cash flow, reduce strain on staff, and overcome the complexity and changes in the industry and technology.

Improve Profitability/Cash Flow
OptiMED services increase revenue up to 20%–30%!
Certified reimbursement specialists submit cleaner claims for greater reimbursements.
Trained CPC reimbursement specialists consistently pursue unpaid claims.
No expense of hiring and training staff, purchasing and maintaining necessary technology tools.

Higher revenue and lower expenses equates to practice profitable.
Reduce stress and strain on staff
Eliminating paperwork hassle boosts your practice’s productivity and improves morale. Your practice can focus on patient care and building a more profitable business.
Overcome industry complexity
With ongoing changes in healthcare administration, insurance industry, and government regulations, who has time to keep up? OptiMED experts free you from this burden.
Overcome technology hurdles
The latest technology allows quicker payment but often adds stress. OptiMED eliminates the technology headache with experts leveraging their knowledge for your benefit.

Why choose OptiMED as your billing and
management partner?

You’ve worked too hard to get where you are today. Don’t partner with just anyone. You’ve decided to work with a billing and management company. But whom do you trust? How do you choose? OptiMED offers a complete menu of reasons to partner with us.

Industry-certified experienced experts
With over 30 years of experience, our trained billing specialists settle for nothing less than excellence when optimizing your income and managing the entire billing lifecycle. Certified reimbursement specialists network with payers, submit cleaner claims, aggressively pursue denied claims, train your staff with the latest coding information, and guide your policies and procedures toward HIPAA compliant, industry-standard methods.
High ethical standards
OptiMED’s reimbursement specialists are certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). This “gold standard for medical coding” requires rigorous exams and mandated continuing education. The AAPC membership requires OptiMED to comply with all codes of ethics that ensure the highest standards for professional and ethical practices.
Web-based, simple to manage technology
With our industry-leading, highly secure technology, you and your staff simultaneously access real-time patient information. Not only does our technology handle billing collections and tracking, it provides patient management tools, scheduling, checkout, reporting, documentation, and more.
Unparalleled personalized service
OptiMED is dedicated to providing unequalled care, personalized attention and the highest level of professionalism to its physicians. We’ve worked hard to make personal attention the cornerstone of our company.

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